The Oz Tag event has 18 teams registered, and thus has now closed ‘team registrations’.

If you are team member of any of the below teams, please register online..making sure you use the correct Team Name (registration to be completed using the icon on the right hand of the Home page). All members MUST ensure that they are registered online prior to Wed, 11th March, otherwise you will not be permitted to take the field.

1. Raptor

2. Manly

3. Camden Detectives

4. Lake Illawarra Lions

5. Granville Gunners

6. Campbelltown Vikings

7. Corrective Services

8. Eastern Beaches LAC #1

9. Here for Beer

10. NSW Ambulance

11. Campbelltown Plovers

12. Macquarie Fields Wolves

13. Escapees

14. NSWP Women’s Rugby Union

15. RES Ballbags

16. Sutho 2Slick4U LAC

17. Eastern Beaches LAC #2

18. Mid North Coast Sharks