Event Overview

The Basketball (Mens 5 x 5) competition is to be held at the Illawarra Sports Stadium, Fred Finch Park, Hooka Creek Road, Berkeley from 9am on Saturday, 19th October.

The stadium is the premier venue for sports and community events in the Illawarra region. To contact the Stadium: 02/4272.8651.



Event Rules

Australian Basketball Rules apply.

Event Description

Team Managers please register your Team Name as early as possible to enable your team members entry into the correct team.

Thank you!

Event Eligibility

For eligibility please refer to this section on the website.

Event Date

Sat, 19th October, 2019

Event Time

9am - 4pm

Event Fees

$20.00 per person (plus registration fee)

Event Location

Illawarra/Berkeley Basketball Stadium, Fred Finch Park, Hooka Creek Road, Berkeley.

Event Co-ordinators

Glynis Cameron

Email: cam1gly@police.nsw.gov.au