Event Overview

The Games Schedule for this years Lawn Bowls event:

Saturday 19 Oct 2019 Pairs Sectionals Sunday 20 Oct 2019 Pairs Finals Fours Sectionals  


8.30 Collect card/briefing – All 8.30 Collect card/briefing – Semis
9.00 R1 – Pairs 1 end roll-up 9.00 Qtr Finals – Pairs 1 end Roll-up
10.45 R2 – Pairs 10.45 Semi Finals – Pairs
12.15 Lunch 12.15 Lunch
13.00 R3 – Pairs 13.00 Finals – Pairs
14.45 R4 – Pairs 15.30 R1 – Fours
16.30 R5 – Pairs 16.45 R2 – Fours
Pairs Presentations


Monday 21 Oct 2019 Fours Sectionals Fours Finals   Tuesday 22 Oct 2019 Singles Sectionals
    8.30 Collect card/briefing – All   8.30 Collect card/briefing
9.00 R3 – Fours 1 end roll-up 9.00 R1 – Singles 1 end Roll-up
10.45 R4 – Fours 10.45 R2 – Singles
12.15 Lunch 12.15 Lunch
13.00 R5 – Fours 13.00 R3 – Singles
14.45 Semi Finals – Fours 14.45 R4 – Singles
16.30 Finals – Fours 16.30 R5 – Singles
Fours Presentations

Wednesday 23 Oct 2019

Singles Finals
8.30 Collect card/briefing – All
9.00 Qtr Finals – Singles 1 end roll-up
10.45 Semi Finals – Singles
12.15 Lunch
13.00 Finals – Singles
14.45 Singles Presentations

Event Rules

Rules of Play – NSW Police & ES Games 2019
Competition is an Open event.
Arrive by 8.30am each day to collect cards and briefing.
Start play at 9am each day.
1 end roll-up in first game of each event (Singles, Pairs, Fours) and/or first game of each day.
Each game is for 10 ends or the bell, whichever is first.
The bell will be rung after 1hr 30 minutes from scheduled start of the round.
No further ends can be started after the bell.
No dead ends – re-spot the jack on the “T”.
Score 3 points for a win; 1 for a draw; 0 for a loss.
In the event of a forfeit, withdrawal or inability to finish a game, the player receiving the forfeit, withdrawal or inability to finish, shall be awarded – 3 points (regardless of the score), plus one shot per end that is not finished/played – max 10 ends/shots.
At the end of the initial rounds, the top point scorers will continue to the Quarter Finals (Single and pairs) and to the Semi Final (Fours)
A blind draw will be conducted for the Quarter Finals (Singles and Pairs) and the Semi Finals (Fours).
IF a final(s) is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances and cannot be played the winner will determined by points from prior final or the preliminary rounds if no finals have been played.
If the top players/teams can not be determined on points alone, the following sequence will be used to decide positions
  •      then most shots scored (preliminary rounds);
  •      then biggest margin total (preliminary rounds);
  •      then most ends won;
  •      then lucky draw (drawn from the hat)
In the event of a draw after 10 ends of the Finals, one extra end will be played to determine the winner
All disputes are to be referred to the umpire, whose decision will be final


Event Description

Singles and Pairs
Winners of sections + next best performed player(s) = Quarter finals
Winners play semi finals
Winners play for Gold/Silver
Losers play for Bronze
Winners of sections play semi finals
Winners play for Gold/Silver
Losers play for Bronze

Event Date

Saturday, 19th October to Wednesday, 23rd October, 2019.

Event Time

9am all days.

Event Fees

$10.00 per person per event (plus Registration Fee)

Event Location

Figtree Bowling Club, 120 The Avenue, Figtree.

Event Co-ordinators

Larry Davis

Andy Barker

Mark Sheppard

Craig Sleigh (Gunnedah PS)