Event Overview

The NSW Police Games Pistol event will commence at 9.30am  at the Bowral Pistol Range on Saturday, 18th March. The complex is well resourced and maintained. This date was previously listed as Saturday, 11th March, but has now been changed to Saturday, 18th March.

Anyone who has registered and is now unable to make this revised date, I ask that you drop me an email so that a refund may be arranged – Email: pwallington4@optusnet.com.au

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Event Rules

Competitors must hold a current ‘H’ class Pistol Licence.





Event Description

The sport fee will cover the cost of targets, patches, backing boards etc.(ammunition at your own expense can be organised prior to the games).

The event will consist of 2 matches:

1. PPC 48 shot course – 48 rounds usinga pistol/revolver of a type issued by yourAgency. Ammunition to be factory 158grain 38 Special or hand loaded to same energy as duty style/factory equivalent.

2. Australian Police and Services Pistol Match – 90 rounds using anyservice style pistol/revolver having aminimum caliber of 9mm/.38.

Please see nswppc web page via google search, for any further information specific to the course.

Event Date

Saturday, 18th March, 2017 (NEW DATE - AS OF 1ST FEBRUARY).

Event Time


Event Fees

$15.00 per person (plus Registration Fee)

Event Location

Bowral Pistol Club.

Event Co-ordinators

Senior Sergeant Grahame Ross (Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit)

Vince Pezzulo

Email: pezz1vin@police.nsw.gov.au