Event Overview

The NSW Police & Emergency Services Games Squash event will commence at 9.00am at Lakeside Leisure Centre, 192 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka.

The NSW Police Squash Club’s AGM is to be conducted at the conclusion of play and as long standing hosts of this event, I encourage all squash players from the NSW Police Force and emergency services to register to participate.

The Lakeside Leisure Centre is one of two Wollongong City Leisure Centres, which has six plexipave tennis courts and three glass back squash courts.

The centre, is also fitted with a mechanical lift to enable access to all areas of the centre.




Event Rules

World Squash Federation rules will apply. Non-marking squash shoes are required and appropriate sports wear.

Event Description

The NSW Police & ES Games Squash tournament will be a round robin event with matches determined on a best of 3 games. Scoring will be based on point a rally to 15 points.

The events to be featured for this tournament will be:

  1. Men’s Open
  2. Men’s A Grade
  3. Men’s B Grade
  4. Men’s C Grade
  5. Men’s Novice
  6. Women’s Open
  7. Women’s A Grade
  8. Women’s B Grade
  9. Women’s Novice

Please note that grading may change at the discretion of the Coordinators.

Event Date

Saturday, 19th October, 2019.

Event Time

9.00am to 4.00pm

Event Fees

$20.00 per person (plus Registration Fee)

Event Location

Lakeside Leisure Centre, 192 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka.

Event Co-ordinators

Paul Tickner (Blacktown LAC)

Ted Freeman (Retired)

  • Mobile: 0400 123 266.