Event Overview

The NSW Police Games Track & Field event will be conducted at The Ridge Athletic Track, New Illawarra Road, Barden Ridge (Sutherland area) from 9.00am.

The official lunchtime break is from 1.00pm to 1.30pm (TBC). A raffle will also be run with proceeds raised going to the Track & Field Club.

Event Rules

Athletic Australia rules apply.

Event Description

The proposed Event and Timetable for the one day event:

8.30am – 5000m (A)

9.15am – High Jump (A)

10.15am – 100m (A)

10.45am – Long Jump (M)

10.45am – Javelin (F)

11.30am – 1500m (A)

12.15pm – Shot Put (M)

12.15pm – Discus (F)

1pm – LUNCH

1.30pm – 200m (A)

2.15pm – Javelin (M)

2.15pm – Long Jump (F)

3pm – 400m (A)

3.30pm – Discus (M)

3.30pm – Shot Put (F)

4.15pm – 4 x 100m Relay (A)

Legend: All (A), Male (M), Female (F).

All standards are catered for, so come along and enjoy a day of friendly competition with fellow work colleagues.

Event Date

Sunday, 12th March, 2017 only.

Event Time

8.30am register and warm up, 9.00am first event starts. The final event of the day begins at 5pm (4 x 100m relays)

Event Fees

$20.00 per person (plus Registration Fee)

Event Location

The Ridge Athletic Track, New Illawarra Road, Barden Ridge (Sutherland area). Beaton Park, Wollongong is undergoing resurfacing at this present time.

Event Co-ordinators

Det Sgt John Kelly (CT&FTC)

Mob: 0400 367 585

Work: 9919.9274.

Email: kell1joh@police.nsw.gov.au

Senior Sergeant Wayne Thurlow (Police Prosecutions Command)

Mob: 0417.350.086.

Work: 9689.7749, E/N: 79749.

Email: thur1way@police.nsw.gov.au