Event Overview

This event returned in 2015 after a ten year absence where it was realised that this event has been very much missed. Since it’s reintroduction, indoor cricket has been one of our most popular sports. The NSW Police Indoor Cricket Club supports this event and  encourages all teams that competed at their State Championships in May to attend.

We would also hope to see lots of Local Area Commands (NSW Police Force) and other emergency service teams nominate a team into this great social event.




Event Rules

Indoor Cricket is played between 2 teams of 8 players. Each player must bowl 2 eight ball overs, and bat in a partnership for 4 overs. Each innings lasts 16 overs.

Please find the link below for the Official Rules of Indoor Cricket. The 2019 NSW Police & ES Games will abide by these rules. Should any rules be modified, they will be advised by Sports Coordinator in due course prior to the event.

Official Rules of Indoor Cricket


Event Description

The indoor cricket competition will take place from 9am to approx. 4pm at the North Wollongong Indoor Sports Centre, 69 Montague Street, North Wollongong (Ph: 02.4225.2211). This centre has played host to the previous two events held in Wollongong, so if very familiar with the event.

The centre is Illawarra’s biggest indoor sports centre and home of Inflatable World! The centre offers mid-week indoor cricket, netball and soccer for men’s, women’s, mixed and junior competitions in a safe, professional and social environment.


Event Eligibility

Refer to the 2019 NSW Police & ES Games Eligibility Criteria. All competitor’s are to be 18 years old and over as at 1st January, 2019.


Event Date

Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019.

Event Time

9am to 4pm

Event Fees

$20.00 per person (plus Registration Fee)

Event Location

North Wollongong Indoor Sports Centre, 69 Montague Street, North Wollongong.

Event Co-ordinators