On behalf of the NSW Police Council of Sport and the NSW Police Games Committee we wish to extend a sincere thank you to Blacktown City for hosting this year’s Games for the tenth consecutive year. This occasion is a testament to the staff of Blacktown City Council and the quality of the venues and facilities located within this government area.

This year the Games were played across two weeks of competition from Saturday, 24th March to Sunday, 8th April, with the 2012 NSW Police Games marking 150 Years of Policing in New South Wales.  To commemorate this milestone, over 800 medals were presented reflecting this milestone in police history.

The Official Launch of the Police Games was conducted at the Justice and Police Museum, Circular Quay on Friday, 23rd March with Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, APM – Patron of the NSW Police Rugby League Club attending on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, to present awards and reflect on the 150 year anniversary.

The three guest speakers were retired NSW Police Force constable and NRL named Immortal – John Raper, MBE, the oldest NSW Police Detective and former first grade rugby union and rugby league player, Bill Harris, who at 96, is an inspiration to all and providing insight into policing of yesteryear author of ‘True Blue…150 Years of Service and Sacrifice’, Patrick Lindsay.

Thank you gentlemen, for your insightful and at times humorous memories of police sport.

The competition commenced in earnest with Sailing, Table Tennis, and Angling kick-starting the event across the first weekend, which saw 1,183 people compete across the twenty eight different sports, with soccer (field men’s), Track & Field, Softball (slowpitch) and Oz Tag proving the most popular.

With minimum injuries received, but lots of laughter heard and many friendships made, the NSW Police Games continue to go from strength to strength. Thank you to the Games Sports Coordinators who volunteer many hours of their time, whilst also being a NSW Police Officer.

Thank you to the 28th NSW Police Games sponsors – Blacktown City Council, NSW Police Council of Sport Inc, NSW Police Credit Union and Central Media for their ongoing support.

See you at next year’s Games – 29th NSW Police Games from Sat, 16th to Sun, 31st March, which will see the event bathed in pink, in support of the McGrath Foundation!