Entry Procedures and Conditions

Multiple Entries

All registered persons are able to enter more than one event within a sport or more than one sport.

It should be noted that the onus is on the individual entered in the multiple events to present themselves for each event they have entered at the nominated time or forfeit their entry.

Age Groupings

For the purpose of the 2021 Games, a competitor’s age on 1 February 2021 is deemed as the age group applicable.

The following groupings apply (unless otherwise stated). In some cases there is no age group applicable to the sport (please check your sports carefully) and 00 (Open) applies.

18-29 yrs 00 (Open)
30-34  30
35-39  35
40-44  40
45-49  45
50-54  50
55-59  55
60-64  60
65-69  65
70 -74, 75-79, 80+  70, 75, 80

Please consult with the individual Sport Coordinator in regards to entry of both the Open and Age Graded categories, as this is sometimes not an available option.

If the person enters both the Open and Age Group Competitions then the Sports Fee for each category must be paid (unless otherwise stated). Each event will be contested individually when the events are not running concurrently.

The final decision regarding all competitions is at the discretion of the Organising Committee.

Entry Instructions

Please note that registration to this year’s Police Games is online via the Games website www.nswpolicegames.com.au

  1. Registrations for each sport differ. Please check each sport for their specific closing time. It is requested that individuals ensure they allow adequate time to complete online entry.
  2. When entering one or more events please take care to:
    • Enter the correct Sport Fee,
    • Please note that all Team Members must individually register in order to enter their event. For identification purposes a Team Name is required and a captain identified.

    NB. The Registration Fee applies to every individual whether entering a single event or as part of a team as it is payable only once despite multiple events being contested.

  3. Complete the total for payment in the appropriate area.
  4. Registration is available online ONLY. No cash payments will be accepted on the day.
  5. No refunds will be given to competitors, who do not notify Penni Wallington – penni@nswpolicesport.com. Refunds will be given on a case by case basis only until one week before the event (13 March COB). The registration system will close on 18th March (5pm), unless stated on the specific sports webpage.

Entry Information


Medallions will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd finalists. Presentations will generally occur at the end of each event. Sometimes where the sport is over an extended period they will be presented at the discretion of the individual sport at the appropriate time. It is the responsibility of the participant/s to accept their award or have someone present to accept it on their behalf.


The minimum number of individuals and/or teams to hold a competition is at the discretion of the Games Organizers. In the event a Sport is cancelled, those registered will be advised at the earliest opportunity with a full refund provided.


For the purpose of these Games, the Captain of each team, or doubles combination entered will be the contact point for that team. Team Captains are requested to be contactable by phone/fax, email or through their place of work both before and during the Games. Be sure to give the most relevant and accessible contact details for the duration of the competition. Team Captains are requested to make themselves known when registering and are to enter their Team Name into the relevant sport, to enable their team members to join that team online. Please also note that all team members must individually register before taking part in the Games.

Non playing coaches are only eligible to win an award if they register and enter the relevant event. Eligibility rules to participate in the Games apply.


The use of controlled and/or illegal substances by any participant is strictly prohibited.


A copy of the Infectious Diseases Policy by Sports Medicine Australia will be able to be viewed on the NSW Police Games website. Sports Co ordinators will be briefed regarding this policy.


All sworn and unsworn individuals and teams representing the NSW Police Force are encouraged to participate in matching team t-shirts.

Team T-shirts/singlets are compulsory in some sports. The remainder of the uniform is up to the individual sport coordinators. Please contact your sport coordinators for uniform rules.


In the event of any injury or illness occurring during competition, the Sport Coordinator for that sport must be informed as soon as possible.

The Coordinator will ensure that the relevant first aid is rendered and that any further medical assistance is facilitated.

All participants in the 2021 NSW Police & ES Games are strongly advised to take out their own Personal Sports Insurance (where appropriate) and suitable medical coverage. Games Management will provide all reasonable assistance in the event of a medical emergency, however, any associated cost must be borne by the party concerned.


In the event that there is a Dispute Decision or a Disciplinary Hearing regarding the conduct of a person or persons during a competition or in the period of time before and after directly associated with that competition, then the Games Management will convene that Hearing at the earliest available opportunity

The Disputes/Disciplinary Committee will consist of at least three persons being nominated by the Executive.


All participants and persons involved in the Games are reminded that their conduct is seen as a direct reflection of not only their agency, but the whole Games organisation. Both during the competition and elsewhere, participants are requested to behave in a suitable manner.


The NSW Police Games has the unconditional right to use at its discretion, any photographic material of you in any form of media, art, advertising, trade, visual documentary, promotional material, merchandise or film coverage without any compensation to you or approval by you.


All information collected from online registration becomes the property of the NSW Police & ES Games, which will be stored and may be used for future NSW Police & ES Games promotions.

Information provided will not be made available to any person or organisation not connected with the NSW Police & ES Games.