Event Overview

Darts was represented after a long hiatus in 2019 when it was played at the Figtree “Figgy Bowlo” Bowling Club by keen dart enthusiasts who all played with vigour and came out as winners and grinners. Between 2020 – 2021 dreaded COVID squashed any resemblance of continuity, but rest assured in 2022 Darts is BACK and is going to be played year after year. Darts in 2022 will be played at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club. They have great dart boards, the food is at club prices, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Everyone is welcome, get the word out. It is a super fun day playing the best sport there is “DARTS”. You will solidify existing friendships and guaranteed make new friendships.  Teams and Doubles can be created on the day as well as existing players who have a team of 4 or if you have a partner for doubles not a problem.  If you don’t have a partner don’t worry, we will find you one on the day.

I look forward to meeting with you and seeing all returning players.

Event Rules

Please be at the venue on the first day at 8:30am for sign in and game selection with team creation .

Must be 18 and over to enter.

Must be registered to play.

Being late means your game will be forfeited (joining in next game of play).

Event Description

Teams of 4

Each game is best of 3 legs to 501.


Singles Male and female

Each game is best of 3 legs to 501.



Each game is best of 3 legs to 601.


Mixed Doubles

Each game is best of 3 legs to 601.


Medals for First, Silver and Bronze to be awarded on day 2.

Event Eligibility

Please refer to 2022 Event menu tab

Event Date

Monday 24 October and Tuesday 25 October 2022

Event Time

9am-5pm (8:30am registration on Day 1)

Event Fees

$15.00 per person + GST (plus Games Registration Fee)

Event Location

Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club - Jason Avenue, Barrack Heights NSW 2528

Event Co-ordinators

Kris Meyer (Communication Group)

See you in Wollongong

for the 2022 Games!