Event Overview

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling with particular emphasis on ground fighting. It is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world and was first introduced to the US in the 1980’s through the creation of the UFC.

Competition guidelines

Match Duration
5.1) The time limit for every Adult fight in the tournament will be 5 minutes matches.

Match Scoring
6.1) NSW P&ES Games matches will follow traditional IBJJF point scoring: 4 for the mount, 4 for the back, 3 for a guard pass, 2 for a sweep, 2 for a takedown, 2 for knee on stomach.
6.2) All positions must be held and controlled for 3 seconds.
6.3) There is “Advantage” and “Penalties” in scoring.
6.4) Points: Submission – 3pts, Win – 2pts, Loss – 0
6.5) A first penalty will result in a warning, a second penalty will result in the opponent being given an advantage, a third penalty will result in the opponent being given 2 points, a fourth penalty will result in disqualification.
6.6) In an event where competitors have the same amount of points the athlete with the most advantage points shall be declared the winner. When there is a draw in the number of points and advantage points, the athlete with the least penalty points counted against him/her shall be declared the winner
6.7) If a match finishes in a draw with both competitors with the same amount of advantages and penalties the referee of the match will declare a winner by Referee Decision at their discretion.
6.8) A match will be deemed over immediately if a competitor taps out, loss of consciousness, screams, or verbally gives up during the match.
6.9) The referee rulings on the result of each match is not contestable.

7.1) The three top-placed athletes in each division shall receive medals. The champion shall receive a gold medal, the runner-up shall receive a silver medal and third place the bronze medal.
7.2) Medal presentations will be held at the event’s venue after the completion of the competition.

8.1) The NSW P&ES Games events are by pre-registration only. Pre-registration will open months prior to the event and will close before the 2022 NSW P&ES Games begin.
8.2) In order to register, you pay the Registration Fee as well as the Sports Fee, by following the link that will be available in order to complete your payment.
8.3) We highly encourage you to read the information section of events on our website to familiarise yourself with important dates and information particular to that


Round Robin
9.1) Competitors from every division will be pooled with opponents within their own division for an opportunity of getting up to 2-4 matches.
9.2) Single competitor divisions maybe be bumped up to the next weight division. However if this is not achieved, the competitor maybe refunded or awarded the gold
medal for his/her division.
9.2) Should there be a division with 2 competitors, the format will be the best out of 3 matches.
9.3) Following the round robin format in each divisions where a clear winner hasn’t emerged with a best record, competitors will compete in a single-elimination format to crown the top 3 competitors.
9.4) If a competitor has to forfeit some of his matches, due to injury, his opponent will be declared the winner unless we can match up competitors who were to face that opponent. Although we understand perfectly that competitors might have to forfeit matches, we expect competitors to complete all of their matches as respect to their opponents. For example, even though you lost your first three fights, if you refuse to compete in your fourth match not only are you passing out on the grappling experience we are offering you, but most importantly you are depriving your opponent of their experience as well.
9.5) Because of the round robin format, teammates might end up being matched against one another. We put extra effort on such a situation not happening, but depending on the number of competitors or teammates in a division, there might be no way to prevent it (Example: 5 competitors in a division but 2 of them are teammates). Although we encourage teammates to face each other, we also understand that some competitors might be adamant about not doing it. We will allow teammates not to face each other but we absolutely need a winner and a loser
because of the round robin rankings.
9.6) The competitor with the most points in their division will be crowned the winner, followed by second and third. If no clear winner is declared refer to 9.3.

Absolute Division
10.1) Absolute Divisions are a round robin format produced by the NSW P&ES Games.
10.2) No Gi Absolute divisions use IBJJF rules during their matches. See Allowable techniques.

Event Rules

Please make sure to read the following to fully understand the rules and regulations in place at the 2022 NSW Police & Emergency Services Games BJJ events.

Please familiar yourself with the competition rules in IBJJF rule book. Visit: www.ibjjf.com


Gi & Uniform
1.1) The Gis will not be checked or measured before the tournament, but the NSWP&ES Games officials have the right to ask a competitor to change his/her Gi if they judge it is inappropriate. This situation can happen if: the Gi is obviously too short or too long, there are too many patches on the Gi preventing the opponent from gripping it, the top and the pants are of different colours or the Gi shows visible tears, is wet or dirty, or emanates unpleasant odours.
1.2) Competitors may wear a rash guard under their Gi. Competitors may not select to wear a shirt under their Gi instead.
1.3) For No Gi Men divisions, athletes have to wear board shorts without pockets or with pockets entirely stitched shut and reaching at least halfway down the thigh and at most to the knee. Attached metal or plastic of any kind that may hurt the opponent is expressly forbidden on the board shorts. Spats can be worn under the shorts if selected. Athletes also have to wear a rash guard or a shirt of elastic fabric (clings to body). This rash guard or shirt does not need to meet any color requirements. Athletes cannot compete shirtless or wearing a loose shirt of any kind.
1.4) For No Gi Women divisions, athletes have to wear board shorts or lycra elastic pants without pockets or with pockets entirely stitched shut and reaching at least halfway down the thigh and at most to the knee. Attached metal or plastic of any kind that may hurt the opponent is expressly forbidden on the board shorts. Athletes also have to wear a rash guard or a shirt of elastic fabric (clings to body). This rash guard or shirt does not need to meet any color requirements. Athletes cannot compete wearing a loose shirt of any kind.

2.1) Athletes’ finger and toe nails should be trimmed and short.
2.2) Long hair should be tied up so as not to cause opponents any discomfort.
2.3) Athletes will be disqualified if they are wearing hair dye or makeup that stains their opponent’s Gi or the mat surface during a match.
2.4) Athletes presenting skin lesions or any other skin condition shall be directed to the tournament medical staff. Under any circumstances, the medical staff has the final say on whether to allow an athlete to compete or not.
3.1) You must check-in and weigh-in anytime up to at least 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time. We ask that you make sure to be present in the venue at least 60 minutes prior to your division start time as well in case we are able to get head starts on certain division. Please listen to the Marshalls on the day.
3.2) There will be a 1kg allowance.
3.3) If an athlete does not make weight on his first attempt, he/she has until the end of the designated period to make weight. Abusive usage of our scales (every five minutes) will not be permitted though. (Discretion is with the NSW Police & ES Games BJJ Sports Co-Coordinator).
3.4) Athletes who fail to make weight during the designated period maybe disqualified and will not be moved up to another weight division. Athletes who are disqualified will not be eligible for a refund. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make the weight class they signed up for, or have changed to a higher weight class by that event’s change deadline. (Discretion is with the NSW Police & ES Games BJJ Sports Co-Coordinator).
3.5) All competitors competing in Gi divisions weigh-in WITHOUT their Gi on.
3.6) An athlete who competes in both their Gi and NoGi divisions only has to weigh-in once.

Further Requirements
4.1) Use of any foot gear, head gear, hair pins, jewellery, cups (genital protectors) or any other protector fashioned of hard material that may cause harm to an opponent or the athlete him/herself is forbidden. Also forbidden is the use of head wear – be it bandages, hoods or an elastic cap.
4.2) The use of joint protectors (knee, elbow braces, etc.) that increase body volume to the point of making it harder for an opponent to grip the Gi are also forbidden.

Event Description

The programme for the 2022 NSW P&ES Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is as follows, however times are only approximate so please be ready when your division is announced:

8.00am – 8.30am start

White Belt No Gi weight divisions
Blue Belt No Gi weight divisions
Purple Belt No Gi weight divisions
Brown Belt No Gi weight divisions
White Belt No Gi Absolute
Blue Belt No Gi Absolute
Brown Belt No Gi Absolute

10.30 am start

Black Belt Gi weight divisions
White Belt Gi weight divisions
Blue Belt Gi weight divisions
Purple Belt Gi weight divisions
Brown Belt Gi weight divisions
Blue Belt Gi Absolute
Brown Belt Gi Absolute
White Belt Gi Absolute

Event Date

Tuesday 25 October and Wednesday 26 October 2022

Event Time

8am (both days)

Event Fees

$30.00 per event + GST (plus Games Registration Fee)

Event Location

Illawarra PCYC, Illawarra Road, Lake Illawarra.

Event Co-ordinators

Brenton Charlton

Mark Lawson (Newcastle PD)

See you in Wollongong

for the 2022 Games!