Event Overview

Petanque is being played in the NSW Police & ES Games for the fourth consecutive time, so we hope to see the continued support that the event has been receiving. Petanque has been in the Victorian Police Games since 2006, and was played in the 2014 Australasian Police Games in Melbourne for the first time. In Melbourne there were 33 players competing. It has been in the World Police and Fire Games before, mostly when those Games have been played in Europe.

Petanque originates in France, and was mainly played by World War 1 veterans who had been injured and were looking for a sport to play to help with their rehabilitation. In the Police Games this year, we are playing at the Wollongong Petanque Club at Berkeley.

We are running a singles, doubles and triples competition, A and B grade, so everyone is a chance of being competitive. Petanque is a sport that everyone can have a go at, and even on the first day, play a very reasonable game.

Depending on numbers, if there are a lot of players we will play a knockout type competition, however, if we don’t have suitable numbers we will play a round robin.

If anyone is looking for a second sport to compete in, then Petanque is a good one. It will be competitive, but won’t tire competitors out for their main sport.

Event Eligibility

Please refer to the 2022 Event sub-menu tab to clarify eligibility.

Event Date

Saturday 22 October 2022

Event Time


Event Fees

$20.00 per person + GST (plus Games Registration Fee)

Event Location

Wollongong Petanque Club, located at the AGA Club Germania, 636A Northcliffe Road, Berkeley.

Event Co-ordinators

Grant Manning (NSW Sheriffs)

Steve Hancock

See you in Wollongong

for the 2022 Games!